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Still Pumping Your Hand Sanitizer? Upgrade with Zero Touch autoSPRITZ by Origyn

  • Touch-free, motion detecting technology. No pumping or touching where others’ germy hands have been.
  • 80% Ethyl alcohol liquid hand sanitizer, the World Health Organization-recommended formula. Lab tested, methanol free.
  • Modern and stylish dispenser with clear window refill indicator and QR code for easy sanitizer refills online. 

autoSPRITZ, The Smarter Solution for Hand Sanitizing

Motion-sensing, touchless action, autoSPRITZ automatically sprays both hands at once.

No cross-contamination of pumps, less effort than manual dispensers, autoSPRITZ sprays 80% liquid Ethyl alcohol, 
the WHO-recommended formula for protecting hands from 99.99%* of germs.

The modern, portable dispenser, comes complete with liquid sanitizer and batteries for a quick start to your new habit.

At home or work, looks great on counters, tables and desks. When the kids come home from school, friends and family come to 
visit or you return from being out, sanitize your hands with autoSPRITZ!

Innovation in Motion

Always thinking. Constantly improving. That’s Origyn’s secret and one we don’t mind sharing. 
autoSPRITZ is the start of something different. We are building new and innovative ways to make our customers’ lives safer, cleaner and healthier. 
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