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  • Touch-free, motion detecting technology, automatically spritzes both hands. 

  • Targeted sanitizing technology delivers a spritz of the optimal viscosity solution enabling the ideal droplet size to cover two hands and kill germs.

  • 80% Ethanol liquid sanitizer, the World Health Organization-recommended, FDA-approved formula. Methanol free.

  • Modern, high quality dispenser with clear window refill indicator and QR code for easy sanitizer refills online. 

Not a Mist. Not a Spray. It's autoSPRITZ!

Motion-sensing activation, the dispenser automatically covers both hands at the same time with a targeted spritz that dries quickly to a smooth finish. No touch means no cross-contamination. Easy to operate and apply, autoSPRITZ delivers an 80% Ethanol liquid sanitizer, FDA approved and WHO-recommended formula for protecting hands from 99.99% of germs. Lab-tested, methanol free.

The autoSPRITZ dispenser includes enough sanitizer for 350 spritzes and batteries for a quick start to your new habit. At home or work, autoSPRITZ is a quicker way to sanitize. When your kids come home from school, people come to visit or you return from being out, sanitize your hands with autoSPRITZ!

The Science of Clean and Sanitized Hands

The CDC recommends washing hands with soap and water whenever possible because handwashing reduces the amounts of all types of germs and chemicals on hands. They also say that when water and soap are not available, using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol can help reduce the chances of getting sick and spreading germs. autoSPRITZ delivers an 80% Ethanol liquid solution with a viscosity that enables optimal droplet size and speed of application.  This means that both hands are covered with sanitizer that stays on hands, and doesn’t drip so it can be rubbed all over both hands with a quick-dry finish and no residue.

The World Health Organization-recommended formula for consumer handrubs (hand sanitizers) is 80% Ethanol formulations complemented with glycerol. This is the formula in Origyn’s hand sanitizer included with autoSPRITZ and in our 1L Sanitizer Refill.  

For more details, visit the CDC website,  Volume 26, Number 7, July 2020.


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Innovation in Motion

Always thinking. Constantly improving. That’s Origyn’s secret and one we don’t mind sharing. autoSPRITZ is the start of something different. We are creating new and innovative was to make lives safer, cleaner and healthier.