Where to Buy autoSPRITZ

Origyn’s autoSPRITZ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and Liquid Ethyl Alcohol Sanitizer Solution are available here and online at the following retailers. 

Click any retailer below to be automatically taken to their product page to purchase. 

Why pump gel sanitizer when you can be touch-free with autoSPRITZ?


Hand sanitizing just got easier with autoSPRITZ

Pump sanitizers require two hands. They dispense globs of sticky, messy gels and foams. They clog or don’t dispense at all.
The autoSPRITZ Dispenser and Solution work together to make hand sanitizing easier.

The touch-free, motion activated spray delivers the perfect amount of 80% Ethyl alcohol
to help kill 99.99% of germs that can lead to viruses.

Zero touch means zero cross contamination. Dries fast with no sticky residue.  And let’s be honest, autoSPRITZ will look
 better on countertops, desks and in reception areas.

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