1) What size batteries do I need for the autoSPRITZ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

Origyn’s autoSPRITZ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser takes four (4) AA batteries. The device arrives with batteries included.

2) How do I know when to change the batteries?

It’s time to change your autoSPRITZ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser’s batteries when your status LED light flashes red twice while sanitizer is being dispensed.

3) I just received my autoSPRITZ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. How do I get it to work?

Follow these steps to get your dispenser up and running:

  1. Remove the sanitizer reservoir by simultaneously pulling it down and out of the dispenser cavity while pulling up on the dispenser body.
  2. Remove the shipping cap (red) from the sanitizer reservoir and insert the dispensing cap with the tube (gray). Screw on tightly.
  3. Reinsert sanitizer reservoir into the dispenser cavity, pushing firmly until it clicks.
  4. Remove the black plastic tab from the battery port to provide power to the dispenser.
  5. Press and hold the ON button (see Fig. A – Dispenser Status LED) on the top of the dispenser’s goose neck for one second until it lights up solid blue. Refer to the Dispenser Status LED codes in the product manual for LED behaviors.
  6. You are now ready to use your autoSPRITZ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. Move hands into the spray zone in front of the IR sensor and beneath the spray nozzle (see Fig. A) to dispense sanitizer.

Please note: During first use and after a longer period of non-use, it is normal to activate the sensor 3-4 times before sanitizer is dispensed.

4) How do I refill my Origyn Liquid Sanitizer?

Follow these steps to refill your Origyn autoSPRITZ Liquid Hand Sanitizer:

  1. Turn your autoSPRITZ OFF by holding the ON/OFF button (Dispenser Status LED) on top of the dispenser’s goose neck for two seconds until it lights up solid red.
  2. Remove the sanitizer reservoir by simultaneously pulling it down from the dispenser cavity while pulling up on the dispenser body.
  3. Remove the dispensing cap with the tube (gray).
  4. Fill sanitizer reservoir.
  5. Replace cap.
  6. Reinsert sanitizer reservoir into dispenser cavity, pushing firmly until it clicks.

5) What are the LED codes?

The LED codes for the autoSPRITZ Hand Sanitizer are as follows:

  • SOLID BLUE: autoSPRITZ is on and ready to dispense
  • SOLID RED: autoSPRITZ is off
  • FLASHING RED: replace autoSPRITZ batteries

6) What is in Origyn’s Liquid Hand Sanitizer?

Active Ingredient

Alcohol (Ethanol) 80% v/v ………………………………………… Purpose: Antiseptic

Inactive Ingredients

Glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, purified water

* Origyn’s Liquid Hand Sanitizer contains only the ingredients essential in killing 99.99% of common germs in the most efficient way possible. No fragrances and no oils, just 80% alcohol (ethanol) and the other ingredients recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Your safety is our primary concern. Origyn’s Liquid Hand Sanitizer fully complies with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) policies and WHO recommendations. The ethanol in our hand sanitizer complies with United States Pharmacopeia (USP) requirements for restricted impurities and does not contain methanol. Based on independent testing by an FDA recognized independent laboratory.

7) What do I do if I accidentally ingest of Origyn’s Liquid Hand Sanitizer?

In case of accidental ingestion of Origyn’s Liquid Hand Sanitizer, seek immediate medical help or contact poison control.

8) What do I do if Origyn’s Liquid Hand Sanitizer accidentally makes contact with my eyes, ears or mouth?

In case of accidental contact with eyes, ears or mouth, rinse thoroughly with water.

9) What should I do if I have an adverse reaction to the sanitizer (for example a rash)

Go to to report the issue or find more information

10) How should I store my Origyn autoSPRITZ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

Your Origyn autoSPRITZ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser should be stored on a flat, level surface in a clean and dry area. Do not expose your device to extreme heat (above 40°C/104°F) or extreme cold (below 5°C/41°F).

11) Is the sanitizer flammable?

Yes. Do not use near flames like candles or fires. Do not put your hands near flames after sanitizing your hands.

12) Can I use sanitizer gel in my autoSPRITZ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

No. Sanitizer gel will clog your autoSPRITZ Hand Sanitizer dispenser. Please use only Origyn Liquid Hand Sanitizer to ensure proper functionality and to maintain warranty of your autoSPRITZ dispenser.

13) Can I add aloe vera or essential oils to the liquid sanitizer?

No. additional ingredients can damage the pump or clog the system. Please use only Origyn Liquid Hand Sanitizer as it is.

14) Does Origyn’s Liquid Hand Sanitizer damage surfaces?

Yes, if spilled, sprayed or dripped repeatedly on surfaces (especially wood), alcohol-based products can damage surfaces. Prevent spills, drips and overspray by placing your dispenser somewhere safe and level and by safely sealing and storing your refill of liquid hand sanitizer solution. If your sanitizer did spill, simply wipe immediately with a paper towel or cleaning cloth.

15) The liquid hand sanitizer has a weird odor. Is this normal?

Origyn’s Liquid Hand Sanitizer solution is 80% Ethanol and complies with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) formula of ingredients to kill 99.99% of germs. We work hard to please all customer preferences with a fresh scent, but like all WHO formula sanitizers, it will still have notes of alcohol due to the high percentage needed to kill germs.

16) Can I leave autoSPRITZ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and Liquid Hand Sanitizer in my car?

We advise against leaving your dispenser and solution in the car. The sanitizer can lose its effectiveness in extreme heat and it is not advisable to store any type of alcohol in these conditions.