The Countertop Hand Sanitizer Dispenser That’s Putting Squeeze Dispensers on Notice

In a world where hand sanitizer, masks and gloves have become as common an accessory as your phone charger, the market has become saturated with contenders and pretenders, making it hard to determine which is best.

Store shelves and aisles are PACKED with so many kinds of hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer dispensers, automatic soap dispensers, squeezes, pumps, sprays and squirts, that you can literally get lost and need one of the nice ladies at CVS to come rescue you. Product after product, each company tries to sell you on how many germs it kills, which has the best customer review, which has the best price, which is best for your hands, which smells the best, which is best for your skin and hands… it’s enough to drive a new customer sanitizing crazy!

It’s time we put the hand sanitizer debate to rest, people. In this article, we’ll touch upon the most important question that people don’t seem to consider when choosing their hand sanitizer dispensers: “Who sanitizes the sanitizer?” Buy autoSPRITZ Now!

So, who sanitizes the sanitizer?

Before we answer that pressing question, let’s set the stage with another question: When do you normally reach for your hand sanitizer? That’s right! When your hands are nasty, dirty, messy or gross, or when you’ve touched something that you’re afraid is covered in germs and little nasties (hello, public bathrooms). You take those disgusting, germ-covered hands and you squeeze your squeezes, you pump your pumps, you spray your sprays, and everything is right with the world again…. right?


You just took those germs straight from the toilet handle at the local gas station right to your squeeze bottle, pump or spray canister. You took those icky, sticky, grimy little fingers and put them all over the one place you’re relying on to make you safe again! So, dear friends… the question remains…


How many of you clean the outside surface, the pump, the squirt mechanism or the spray nozzle of your sanitizer dispenser? How many of you actually sanitize your hand sanitizer dispenser? Please raise your hands. [Writer surveys the audience and sees the lonely hand of one very conscientious mother of two wayyy in the back. Crickets chirp. Embarrassment ensues. Judging looks are thrown around.]

It’s OK. Believe it or not, the outer surfaces of whichever sanitizing product you bought and use to keep both you and your family safe and free from germs are by far the most neglected when it comes to sanitizing. Sure, people also forget to sanitize their cellphones, their remote controls, their door handles and doorknobs and their light switch panels (how many “OMG” moments did you just have?), but no one ever thinks about “cleaning the cleaner”.

Point made. So what can I do?

Well, first of all, silly, sanitize your hand sanitizer dispenser and soap dispensers regularly! Take a washcloth and some rubbing alcohol and wipe those suckers down. Or the next time you’re at your local grocery or drug store, grab a canister of those Clorox wipes. Whichever product you choose,  make sure you’re doing this with regularity and that you’re getting all up in the little nooks and crannies of your dispenser (that’s where the germs like to hide the most).  Because, again, the ONLY time people touch these things is when their hands are nasty and covered in germs. Common sense, right?

Anything else I can do?

Good question! We’re glad you asked (you’re not the mother of two from the back of the audience, are you?).

Of course the portable-style sanitizer dispensers are great for people on the go. If you’re like most of us, you’ve hit up Amazon more than once, grabbed yourself a bunch of ’em, hit the add to cart button, and now they’re with you everywhere you go– the car, in the purse, in your pocket, at your desk… and that’s great! Sanitizing with an un-sanitized dispenser is better than not sanitizing at all, it’s true. So continue to squirt, squeeze and spray to your heart’s content (and sanitize them after, of course); but there’s a better way, people!

Take our advice, and buy yourself a no-touch (AKA touch free) countertop dispenser! “Why didn’t I think of that,” you may be asking yourself? It’s OK! A lot of people think that a countertop soap dispenser or hand sanitizer dispenser is only for businesses– your favorite restaurants, the local grocery store, etc. — but not anymore! They were available before, of course, but cornoavirus and recent runs of the flu have really brought the countertop hand soap dispenser and hand sanitizer dispensers to the forefront, and you’re sure to find a product that’s right for your needs.

What makes them better?

What makes no-touch countertop dispensers better is… drumroll please…


Chances are, your countertop dispenser or automatic soap dispenser is equipped with motion-detecting sensors that dispense the soap or sanitizer once you put your hand (or hands) within range.

So where are those germs from the gas station bathroom going? That’s right, my clean-handed friends; down the drain where they belong, NOT all over your dispenser.

And before you ask; yes, EVENTUALLY someone has to refill the automatic soap dispenser or hand sanitizer dispenser with new soap or sanitizing fluid, but that’s a FAR CRY from literally touching your squeeze, spray or pump bottle every fifteen minutes, isn’t it?

Great. I’m convinced. Now what?

Though we’re not in the soap dispenser business, we can recommend an incredible product that is putting the hand sanitizer dispenser world ON NOTICE!

Start-up company Origyn has just released a game-changing product guaranteed to change the way you think about sanitizing. It’s called autoSPRITZ, and it’s one of the more customer-friendly devices out there for the price. At just $50.00 (a steal, if you ask us), you get the autoSPRITZ dispenser, batteries, 12oz. of Origyn’s 80% ethanol alcohol Liquid Hand Sanitizer Solution, an owner’s manual, and a guide on Origyn’s “SPRITZ” method (Spritz, Palms, Rub, Interlock, Thumbs, Zig-zag).

autoSPRITZ hand sanitizer method
Use this method for germ-free hands

autoSPRITZ is a zero-touch dispenser. Its motion sensors detect your movement. Simply place your hands in the SPRITZ zone, and autoSPRITZ’s spray nozzle delivers a targeted SPRITZ to one hand or both at the same time. You don’t even have to touch the device (well, other than once to turn it on…). So that means no greasy, grimy, germy, nasty, dirty, funky hands all over it every time you want to sanitize (are you listening, pump, spray, and squeeze dispensers?). We think it’s a small price to pay to avoid all the extra germs that come with portable dispensers.

autoSPRITZ is ideal for your home. Put one in the kitchen and use it before and after cooking. Or place one at the front door so visitors can sanitize on the way in (or out, too, if they want). But autoSPRITZ isn’t just for the home! Throw one in your cubicle at the office or outside the bathroom doors. Own a store? Having an autoSPRITZ at the register is a great (and thoughtful) touch for customers. You’re not saying, “Our store is gross; please sanitize.” You’re actually saying, “We care about the health of both you and your family.” Trust us; your customers will appreciate it.

And for a limited time, if you’re a new customer, you can get yourself an autoSPRITZ (heck, get two – one for the home, one for the office) at 10% off when using code EM820 at checkout. (Pssssttt… the deal works for you, too, repeat customer.)

So stop pumping, squeezing, and squirting your way to hidden germs. Grab yourself an autoSPRITZ at a great price today. And hey, if you’re stuck for gift ideas this year, they make incredible (and thoughtful) gifts for friends, family, Secret Santa and office holiday parties.

Stay safe out there! And watch out for sneaky germs!