Don't touch your face

Don’t Touch Your Face. It’s More Dangerous Than You Think!

Having you ever cooked with jalapeños?

If you’ve ever cut a jalapeño and not properly washed your hands afterward, you’ve definitely felt the ramifications of unclean hands. We’ve all been there; you end up touching your eyes or (admit it) picking your nose, and the residual capsaicin from the jalapeño burns like the sun’s very surface. It’s a mistake most of us only make once. The answer to this seemed to be wearing gloves, but that solution only protected the skin on your hands, not anywhere you touch yourself with those gloved hands! Enter the false sense of security when you reach for your face and the blistering heat of the peppers starts taking over despite your best intentions.

As humans, we thought that washing our hands meant staying safe when it came to germs. That was before COVID-19. And now we’ve all learned one incredibly valuable lesson: that none of us (OK, those of us with OCD and germaphobia excluded) has been washing our hands correctly. And let’s go ahead and give credit to you OCDers and germophobes for having a full grasp on this before the rest of us. Did you know you’re supposed to ALWAYS keep your toilet seat down so that the fecal particulates in your toilet don’t carry through the air, landing on other items in the bathroom (um… hello, toothbrush)? Bathroom etiquette is kind of like washing your bed sheets more frequently; it’s not something we all do with the resolve that we should.


Are you really that clean when you step out of the shower?  Clean towels, sponges, and bed sheets are our first line of defense. Some public bathrooms have auto sensors to release soap, water, and even air to clean and dry our hands. The technology is becoming easier. There is now a faucet that you can command with your voice to dispense your desired amount of water and not have to touch the spigot.

Some germs and strands of bacteria actually help us digest our food, keep us healthy, and protect our vital organs from the elements, but right now, that is not our focus as a population.  During the age of COVID, using the right products to keep our family safe has become essential. More companies are focused on providing education and products that will help homes and businesses create safe, clean and healthy environments.

Where is your hand sanitizer bottle now?  When is the last time you cleaned the pump of your hand sanitizer bottle? Yes, this kind of sounds silly, but just like our hands, it can be covered in germs we missed, as well. And lately, we touch the outside of a hand sanitizer all the time. And even after washing our hands, we have to touch a handle to leave the bathroom.

What if it was easier?

Introducing the portable and modern hand sanitizer dispenser with zero-touch automatic spray.  autoSPRITZ by Origyn has a motion-detecting dispenser and a targeted spray that spritzes liquid solution to sanitize and protect both hands from 99.99% of common germs No sticky, blobby gels that might slide from your hands. Just the perfect amount of spritz to cover for your application and quick-dry finish.