The Safety of Returning Back to School and Back to Life!

Everyone wants to get back to the way things used to be.

The task of figuring out how to get back to life is a task from education sectors to sports team alike. It is not only a challenge but a learning curve to empower us on keeping everyone safe around us.

From MLB and PGA, who were the first to get back out in the sports world to the opening of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and the NBA returning to their season over one hundred days later. After all this waiting, and premiere league soccer back in play, Lionel Messi is likely leaving Barcelona. Corona virus has left everyone in a state of unrest, including pro and college athletes. All fans want is to get back to their favorite pastimes, activities and the day-to-day routines that they know and miss.

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Back to School Will They or Won’t They

If, like so many of us, you’ve forgotten what time of the year it is, you’ll quickly be reminded by the many ads for materials your child is going to need headed into the school year. But as we all well know, this year it’s going to be a lot different.

The summer has changed.

The first day of school for your children will need to have with them to keep them safe and protected is drastically different than in years before. Trying to get back into school learning will be an incredible adjustment.

How to Keep Your Kid Safe This Fall

How to keep your school-going children safe is going to be a whole different challenge. Providing kids with masks, hand sanitizer and the general precautions for the return to school is elementary. By now they’ve learned to social distance (Maybe! They are kids after all.) and can hopefully see that through when the school doors open. But the big thing that will to make going back to school safer is having your child prepared with good practices for sanitized hands and a solid understanding of when and where to put those practices into… well… practice. Reinforcers like the many social videos on washing your hands and how hand sanitizers can help in between bathroom breaks can be good for kids, too!

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Pinkfong Songs for Kids

Let’s be honest, you may spend countless hours ensuring that your kids are aware of the proper “two happy birthdays” technique for longer hand washing, but the chances that their friends were taught the same (and are putting it into practice) is far less likely. Some of the trials and tribulations of a kid sanitizing their hands are bad enough during the regular flu season; keeping them safe during #COVID19 is even harder.

What Can You Do to Prepare?

Parents around the United States can appreciate what it must be like for their child’s teacher (managing twenty-plus other children, mind you) when they’ve barely been able to get them to do their schoolwork at home the last couple of months. Depending on the average class size in your region, you can imagine the monumental task teachers will have when trying to keep their students safe during this incredibly trying and unprecedented time. Remember that first month when you tried to homeschool your child? Can you imagine your child times three? How about fifteen? Twenty-five?!

The new school year’s best friend will be a hand sanitizer. Having one available at your child’s desk will be the best and easiest way, if he or she cannot get to the bathroom or happens to be sharing blocks with the sneeze kid, to safely clean and sanitize his or her hands. We haven’t even mentioned college students heading to the petri dishes that are college dorms in the fall!

It is far from a sure thing that everyone will be going back to school this fall, but being prepared, educated and ready will make the transition far easier than the alternative. On the bright side, there are still back to school sales and tax relief in August.  And don’t forget the best things in the line of defense: hand sanitizer in the backpack and this new hand’s free tool for your home.

Introducing autoSPRITZ from Origyn

Lightweight, hands-free and easily portable, Origyn’s autoSPRITZ hand sanitizer dispenser kills 99.99% of germs on contact and is IDEAL for your foyer, mudroom, kitchen or garage (and even your kid’s backpack). And it works wonders for keeping germs at bay that may have traveled home from school.


What’s better? Just in time for schools to reopen, autoSPRITZ Hand Sanitizer Dispensers and Origyn’s Liquid Hand Sanitizer will be available starting September 2020.  Once available, if you sign up for their newsletter, you will receive 10% off their regular price with a code delivered via email that you can enter at checkout on They come complete with batteries and a 12oz bottle of Origyn’s Liquid Hand Sanitizing solution so can turn it on and start spritzing.

Just in time for school and flu season, put a few autoSPRITZ dispensers on the front-lines of your battle against germs, and make any place a safe space.