autoSPRITZ is the best Commercial Hand Sanitizer Stations

Commercial Hand Sanitizer

Are you looking for the safest way to safeguard yourself, school or hospital from germs? Using commercial sanitizer stations is an effective way of keeping your hand free from germs. The best hand sanitizer dispensers ease the sanitizing process by making it automatic without requiring any human effort.

autoSPRITZ is a hand sanitizer that provides a high level of customer satisfaction with its features that fosters good hygiene. Covid-19, flu, cold and other bacteria are what we need to protect ourselves from especially in times like this. By choosing to use the autoSPRITZ hand dispenser sanitizer, you can protect yourself from all harmful viruses that can affect your health. Get your Hand Sanitizer Dispenser here.

Origyn’s Hand sanitizer dispenser are best for areas with high traffic as it allows the customer to disinfect without the fear of contacting a virus. Also, using a dispenser for hand sanitizer has the ability to encourage a high turn up of staff, students and others in public spaces. Areas with hand sanitizing stations have high records of productivity because individuals love their safety guaranteed.

Also, companies can reduce the level of employee absenteeism especially in cases that are related to health challenges. With the use of an hand sanitizer with the right quantity of alcohol, viruses would find it difficult to spread in such an environment.

However, the best part of using hand sanitizer dispensers is that it reduces the need for human contact which is another way of effecting preventing germs. Despite the enormous benefits you can enjoy by using dispensers, the product that you decide to use greatly determines your safety.

This is why you need to use the autoSPRITZ product in order enjoy all the remarkable features you can get from both technological innovations and hygienic components. Here you would find out all you need to know about these hand sanitizing dispensers, the benefits, features and the ingredients that constitutes its general makeup.

autoSPRITZ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The autoSPRITZ sanitizer dispensers are products that are made by the Origyn brand. This sanitizer promotes a thorough and rigorous process in making sure your hand is properly disinfected. It requires that the customer sprays by activating the motion detector on the palm. Then rub, interlock and the fingers to make sure the sanitizer gets to all the parts of the hand.

This product is a touch free dispenser that requires no human contact for activation. These sanitizer dispensers allows you to automatically disinfect your hands without requiring human effort. You save yourself from the regular pumping that is required when using a hand sanitizer. For a product with a reasonable price, this feature makes the entire difference.

In addition, these products are structured in a way that the liquid effectively covers both of your hands. The placement is well targeted to make sure that the right size lands properly on your hands. This hand sanitizer is not sticky but rather it dries up in less than 15 seconds.

Origyn’s products eliminates 99.99 percent of germs. With this sanitizer you are assured of your safety because it is free of methanol. This sanitizer has a high quantity 80% percent of ethanol that helps keep you safe from harmful viruses.

What are autoSPRITZ Benefits?

This product has enormous benefits that helps keep you healthy, safe and free from germs. All you need to do is order these dispensers to enjoy these benefits.

Targeted Sanitizing Technology

By using these hand sanitizer dispensers, you enjoy the benefits of using technology to effectively disinfect your hands and keep your life healthy. This saves you the trouble of dealing with messiness or having to touch the disinfecting liquid especially since it is for general use. autoSPRITZ leverages on technology to make your life easier.

The best Contemporary Design on the market

The Origyn brand is not only concerned with producing an expectational sanitizer dispenser, they are also concerned with the design of this high quality product. It uses a streamline design that makes it a great fit for workplaces, homes and even public places. With this design, this product easily fits into whatever need that you have.

autoSPRITZ does have a Motion Detector

autoSPRITZ products use a motion detector that has 1.5 range of infrared sensor that detects your hands automatically. It protects customers from cross-contamination and it’s negative effects. This is prevented by taking out the conventional means of touching the top and sides of the hand sanitizer while using it.

Refill Indicator

These products give you the opportunity to track the level of liquid that is in your dispenser. They have a clear base that indicates when the dispenser needs refilling. These sanitizer dispensers are easy to fill and they also require you to use a QR Code to refill with ease. This way your sanitizer dispensers can always have liquid in them whenever they are needed.

Money Back Guarantee

Origyn’s return policy


When you order our hand sanitizer dispenser within the United States shipping is completely free.

Package Content

When you purchase these high quality products there are also some other products that you find in it as additional to the dispenser you buy. They are;

  • Liquid Hand Sanitizer: This disinfecting agent is a 12 Fl. Oz of liquid. If you decide to buy it alone, it would be at the price of $8. It works for about 350 applications.
  • Patented one way valve and filter
  • 4 × AA Batteries
  • Cleaning method card
  • User Manual

After purchasing this dispenser, all you need to do is start using it because everything you need is already available. You don’t have to spend your money on buying an other essentials.


  •  80% Alcohol
  • *Glycerin
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Purified Water

What does the dispenser Cost?

This dispenser is an easily affordable product that saves you the trouble of using regular pump sanitizers. The price is $39.99 for the dispenser and spritz while the price of the Origyn sanitizer is $19.99.


This disinfecting liquid although it is a high quality stock, there are certain side effects that you need to take note of while using any type of disinfection.

  • It has a high alcohol content which makes it highly in flammable. You need to keep it away from heat or fire.
  • This disinfecting liquid should not be used on an open wound to prevent further complications.
  • It should not contact the mouth, eyes and ears. If such happens, the area should be washed thoroughly.
  • If you notice any rash on your body while using any sanitizer, you should contact your physician.
  • Children should not have direct contact with this product in order to prevent poisoning.


You can find our Warranty HERE


Your choice of a disinfecting liquid should be one that is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), FDA and United States Pharmacopeia (USP). The autoSPRITZ liquid and dispenser has been tested and checked by these agencies and they’ve concluded that it is safe for your usage.

In a time like this, it is important for you to stay healthy and properly protected from germs so you can function well at work, school and home. For this to happen you need a product like the Origyn brand’s autoSPRITZ for your safety to be guaranteed.