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How to wash your hands during COVID

How to wash your hands during COVID

Just like most global pandemic that broke out, spreads across individuals through direct or indirect contact with infected objects, mucus, nose droplets, or saliva from infected people, making it a priority to stay safe by keeping clean.

With diverse pieces of information hitting the web on protocols to preventing the spread of Coronavirus, handwashing remains one of the best and available means to prevent contamination.

The use of soap and water or drops of hand sanitizer works the miracle in keeping you safe from infection.

However, if maximum protection must be achieved, then washing your hands must be done properly.

Most times, soap and water might not be available to wash your hand, the next obtainable option should be the use of the autoSPRITZ hand sanitizer dispenser.

Actually, the type of hand sanitizer you use in washing your hands should be given much consideration.

The medically recommended brand of sanitizers to use are those ones with at least 60% alcohol.

A 60 alcohol percentage sanitizer stands a higher chance for efficacy and killing germs.

Washing hands in Covid-19

With death tolls that flooded Italy, America, France, and a rumored hit in Africa, it became necessary for individuals to cleaning and hygiene a basic principle to Survival and prevention of viral diseases.

Handwashing prevents the spread of viral or bacterial pigments and germs that come in contact with the skin.

Flu, cold, cough, Diphtheria, Influenza, Meningitis, SARS-COV-2, amongst the numerous airborne illnesses in circulation, spread easily through droplets from an infected source.

Germs that lay on your skin are easily transferred into your body by touching your nose, eye, or face.

It is paramount that if you must survive the viral wave, you must make it a priority to regularly wash your hands.

How long should I wash my hand during Covid-19

According to the analysis offered by CDC, NHS, it is compulsory that you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

The 20 seconds routine is to effectively kill germs and flush off dirt

Whether you are accustomed to the use of soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizers, this 20 seconds time frame should be strictly kept.

You might not necessarily need a stopwatch for this, just hum along with the Happy Birthday song, you wouldn’t know when you hit the mark.

Why should I wash my hands during Covid-19?

During our daily interaction with our environment, and individuals, our hands are usually the most exposed part of our body.

Through shaking of hands, grips, pickup of metals, substances, interactions with objects, surfaces, and chemicals, your hands are the commonest means of spreading Coronavirus.

It is cheaper and easier to stay viral free by washing your hands than it will cost you to spend days in an isolated center.

Soap, Water and Hand Sanitizer

Most times, people try to argue out amongst soap and water or sanitizers which is the best for handwashing.

Both items are highly effective handwashing tools against germs if used properly.

The decision to use soap and water or sanitizers to wash your hands is dependent on which of them is available.

Sanitizers are generally portable, convenient, and easy to carry about. With one in your pocket, you are sure to wash your hands during emergency needs.

However, Sanitizers do not kill all germs as the use of soap and water will do.

Sanitizers cannot kill germs with external membranes. Viruses like Rotavirus and Norovirus have proven resistant, no matter hard, and much you use a sanitizer to wash your hands.

Soaps and Water can prove highly effective for hand-washing, a bit higher using medicated soaps, but you know, you might not always have water available to carry your cleaning routine.

When to Wash Hands

You should wash your hands during any of these events;

1. After blowing your nose.

2. After Sneezing

3. After using the toilet

4. After work

5. After interaction with the public

6. After visiting the refuse dump/trash can.

7. When your hands are dirty

8. After touching the baby’s diaper.

How to wash your hands properly

The best way to wash your hands is by scrubbing thoroughly through the sides of your hands, in between your fingers, your palm, making sure that no side of the skin is left untouched.

You might decide to use plain or antibacterial soaps, depending on its availability and when none is available, sanitizers should be your next route to hand-washing.

How to wash hands during Covid-19

To flush off all traces of germs; Viruses and Bacteria on your hands, a good scrub should be achieved.

To properly wash your hands as regards to preventing contamination of Coronavirus, the following hand-washing procedures should be followed;

1. Properly wet your hands with running water

2. Use an available soap to lather well.

3. Wash properly

4. Rinse with a running water

5. Dry off using a wet towel.

Using 1/2 teaspoon or a drop of sanitizer is also an amazing tool to wash your hands.